English language courses for kids

Corsi di lingua per bambini

Whether your child is learning English for the very first time or has studied the subject before, our unique approach gives children all the opportunities they need to express themselves in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Building their English skills and confidence through games, group activities, stories and creative projects, your child will learn to use a broad range of vocabulary and grammar, enhance their fluency in speaking and writing through Read More …

Italian language courses in September

Italiano per stranieri Gregoriana

Courses preparing students to take the exams for admission to universities. Aimed at developing the 4 basic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing through an active involvement of students. We present communicative situations and authentic materials that is relevant for these students. The course levels are based on the Common European Reference Framework and are taught by native or bilingual teachers with special qualifications in teaching Italian to foreigners.  

Italian language courses for the CELI exam


Our language school provides special courses to prepare for all levels of the Italian language CELI exam. Lessons will include two separate parts: the first one is aimed at improving language skills and vocabulary; the second one at familiarizing with the written and oral exam. Venue: Centro Studi Cassia Data: Call for details Time: morning/afternoon Duration: 24 hours For more info, please contact us via mail