3 Good reasons to choose our Italian language classes

Italian Language Classes at the Gregorian University


In our Italian language classes we use our own innovative, effective and engaging textbooks, including 2 grammar books (Gramm.it, Gramm.it for English speakers) and 3 course-books (Permesso, Buon Appetito!, Arte, Religione e Società).

Our books have been adopted by many universities, both in Italy and abroad. We believe that an up-to-date teaching methodology is essential in teaching foreign languages ​​effectively.

40 years of teaching experience

The Centro Studi Cassia was founded in the late 1970s. We have had the pleasure of training thousands of students in Italian to foreigners and in other major European languages.

Innovative teaching methodology

Our teachers use an engaging methodology that was developed in-house over many years of teaching. We have been among the first schools in Italy to embrace the “communicative” approach to teaching Italian to foreigners, tempered by a more traditional “structural” methodology that we deem equally important when teaching Romance languages.