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E-learning: how to reduce dropout rates

What research has shown

A study by Warwick University, in the UK, found MOOC completion rates as low as 7% and never higher than 59%. By comparison, New York City’s public schools have a completion rate of 70%*. A similar study conducted by ResearchGate found a 6% completion rate across eLearning platforms. That’s a 94% dropout rate.

From “eLearning Dropout Rates and What to Do About Them“, October 26, 2016

The issue of drop-outs

Although e-learning has grown markedly in the past 20 years, special attention needs to be placed on its delivery as it entails some issues that need to be properly addressed, first and foremost the high dropout rate.

Online courses are sometimes just as thorough as traditional ones, at least in terms of the material they teach. Yet they are sometime less engaging and may suffer from a limited teacher-student interaction which may turn out to be detrimental for the positive outcome of the course.

Our solution

For this reason our team at Centro Studi Cassia has decided to tackle distance learning exclusively through direct online face-to-face teaching. Attention is placed on teaching, not on tools. We believe that languages (and, as a matter of fact many other subjects too) can only be taught via a live interaction with a mentor and an active engagement of students through pair-work and group-work, a modus operandi that has stood the test of time and that has characterized our language courses for many decades.

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