English language courses for kids

Corsi di lingua per bambini

Whether your child is learning English for the very first time or has studied the subject before, our unique approach gives children all the opportunities they need to express themselves in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. Building their English skills and confidence through games, group activities, stories and creative projects, your child will learn to use a broad range of vocabulary and grammar, enhance their fluency in speaking and writing through → Details

One-to-one language courses

Corsi di lingua individuali

One-to-one or small group courses suitable for those who need flexible hours and can not adapt to a regular group course and for those with special language requirements, who need to prepare for an exam or expand their skills in specific areas for either their work or their studies. They are therefore specifically tailored to the needs and language level of the student. The courses are taught by native or → Details

Language group courses in downtown Rome

These courses are based on the communicative approach, without neglecting the content of grammar. Aimed to beginners, intermediate and advanced students they are suitable for those who have no previous knowledge of the language or those advanced students who want to improve their proficiency. These general courses are aimed to making students self sufficient in different communicative situations, either in their work or for  study or traveling. At the end → Details