For our courses we use our own language textbooks:

  1. Permesso?
  2. Buon Appetito!
  4. per anglofoni

Our textbooks have been adopted by many other language schools and universities, including:

Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Corso di Italiano Elementare
University of Cambridge, UK, Italiano I (suggested further readings)
University of Warwick, UK, Italian Language and Institutions
Northwestern University, USA, Italian for Intermediates
University of Lodzt, Poland, Practical Italian
Luiss Guido Carli University, Italy, Erasmus Italian Language Courses
Gregorian University, Italy, Italian for Foreign Student Courses

Press reviews:

Review of is straight-forward and comprehensive grammar book for students learning Italian. It combines the experience of the past with the new demands of the present, using clear practical exercises to guide students gradually through the basics of Italian grammar through to more advanced concepts (CEFR A1-C1). Filled with colour, it provides linguistic analysis in an innovative way, allowing the student to come into direct contact with Italian culture through adverts, cartoons and a variety of games.

The Italian Bookshop

Review of for English Speakers for English speakers. A clear and well-illustrated textbook of Italian grammar for English-speaking students. Using authentic Italian texts from a variety of sources with key grammar explanations in English, the student is brought into direct contact with real everyday Italian language.

Grant & Cutler

Review of for English Speakers for English speakers. This bilingual grammar has all the advantages of the monolingual version in that it uses authentic materials, introduces students to cultural aspects of Italy, and contains exercises making it a compact and practical point of reference.

The aim is to present a model of Italian grammar as close as possible to spoken Italian, and so emphasis is placed on illustrating how grammar points are employed in authentic situations by providing examples of real adverts, images and dialogues. In this version, explanations, instructions and differences between English and Italian grammar are all given in English making it an ideal complementary resource for students working towards AS and A2 level Italian.

The Italian Bookshop

Review of Buon Appetito

Buon Appetito!. The idea for this book springs from the observation that the Italian language is truly very rich in culinary references. They turn up in proverbs, sayings, songs, in painting, cinema and literature. In addition to the recipes, Buon appetito! gives a brief account of the culinary characteristics of each Italian region. Also includes vocabulary and grammar exercises, games, conversion table for weights and measures, a color illustrated dictionary and suggestions for holiday menus.

Google Books

Review of

The English version of the very popular “” by Bonacci. A fresh approach for English-speaking students of Italian, which correlates authentic Italian texts from a wide variety of sources to handy grammar files in English, brings the student into direct contact with the Italian language. A panorama of Italian life and customs revealed through literature, advertising, comic strips, anecdotes, contemporary news articles on art, cooking, history and society at large, offers a comprehensive view of Italian culture.

The book is geared to L2 students of all nationalities, with an eye to the parallels and contrast between English and Italian. The course presents a model reflecting current spoken Italian and grammar files avoid complicated technical terms. A varied range of oral and written exercises and word games, from the purely mechanical to the more articulated and complex, completes each unit to lead the student to increasing proficiency.


Review of for English Speakers

The members of the Centro Studi Cassia Group, Gabriella Iacovoni, Nadia Persiani and Barbara Fiorentino, provide a fresh approach to teaching and learning Italian as a second language (L2) with their text for English-speakers. Presented in a logical and clear fashion, the authors build upon their experience, studies and research in the field of language teaching to produce a thorough text that is both effective and easy to consult. for English-speakers is, as stated in the title, intended to meet the needs of English-speaking L2 learners of Italian.
The authors’ stated intention is to provide knowledge of contemporary spoken Italian. However, that is not to say that grammar is neglected; rather, the Centro Studi Cassia Group weaves these two aspects together seamlessly throughout the text, creating an environment in which grammatical rules are contextualized within their appropriate cultural milieu (including but not limited to literature, advertising, comic strips and contemporary articles), thus creating an unconscious language learning experience. (…) the text maintains its integrity and thoroughness and would prove to be an excellent tool for non-English-speaking L2 learners of Italian.

Italica, Rivista di Studi Italiani