ANA LUISA (Colombia)

En mi país Colombia me desempeño como docente, lo cual me permite afirmar que el proceso de enseñanza – aprendizaje es muy bueno y valioso.

GRACE (Hong Kong)

I appreciated so much my tutor, Diana who really taught me with her heart… I will definitely recommend this course to my friend.

KAROLUS (Indonesia)

One thing I like most is the way and method of professor in delivering the subject. She is not a monotone type but she is just being a facilitator, who facilitate the student to understand the subject.

HANNIA (Costarica)

El curso de italiano me ha gustado mucho como se fue desarrollando día a día porque la metodología y pedagogía utilizada experimento fue muy buena y correcta ya que iba alternando no sólo lo propio para el aprendizaje del idioma sino también la historia, el arte y la idiosincracia del país.

ALMER (Nicaragua)

He encontrado en el curso, mucha dínamica y pedagogía, creo que es la forma correcta para los principiantes en una lengua.

BEATRICE (Francia)

La pédagogie du cours, la diversité des exercices, l’ambiance cordiale m’ont aidée à entrer dans une attitude plus active par rapport à la langue et, progressivement, à me mettre à parler. 

ROLDAN (Filippine)

From the beginning until the end of our class in Italian, honestly, I did not find myself bored. In fact I was always eager to go to school everyday with the joy and enthusiasm to learn the language

ARMAN (Filippine)

I find the class very good. It is really helpful to me in learning the Italian language. The flow of the class is good. There are many activities, which allow us to learn, to speak, and communicate. 


I’ve studied Italian with Centro Studi Cassia for over three years now and can warmly recommend their courses. The groups are small and the lessons are a balanced combination of free conversation, grammar, vocabulary and text. 

ANISETUS (Indonesia)

I am grateful to the professor of this course for teaching us with all her sympathy and gentleness. I was really enjoyed that lesson because of her personality and capacity in delivering and communicating during the lesson.